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The Section 8 Guy

AUDIOBOOK: The Ultimate 101 Guide To Section 8 Real Estate AUDIOBOOK

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There has NEVER been a crash course in section 8 real estate investing like this. This audiobook takes you into Rhett's mind where you can see his methods and learn about how to structure YOUR section 8 portfolio. Never before has this information been shared to the public and outside of his personal coaching program. Rhett discusses EVERYTHING you need to know about setting up your portfolio. Information about how to set up a strong foundation, to information about how to find the right contractors and property management teams for out-of-state investors. This audiobook is JAM PACKED with knowledge and experience that has been accumulated over a CRAZY successful span of portfolio building in the section 8 space. Rhett is a leader in this field, and this is the first time he's putting his secrets out in the form of an audiobook! 

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